Gilpin Montessori School focuses on high achievement for all students in a safe, fun and loving learning environment. We serve a diverse community of students beginning at age 3 through 6th grade and are the only public Montessori school in the Five Points/Curtis Park area. Our students work in a hands-on, multi-age learning environment anchored by the internationally successful Montessori curriculum that encourages development of a concrete foundation of knowledge about the diverse world in which we live. Classrooms offer a structured learning environment where teachers offer lesson plans that engage students to master new information and skills and help students choose activities that stimulate their interests and abilities.

We offer after-school programs in tutoring and enrichment including music lessons, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, soccer and Gilpin Girls Running Club.

Our school is named after William Gilpin, the first Governor of the Colorado territory. A school has existed at this site since 1881 with the current building being here since 1951. Montessori was introduced as the curriculum at Gilpin in 2008 as the result of a desire for a public Montessori school for northeast Denver after the only Montessori in this area relocated to another part of the city.