Is Montessori Right for Your Child?

Here are some reasons it could be …

* Montessori Offers Gifted Children Ways to Further Excel Does your child amaze you with things she or he already knows?  Do your child’s talents go unrecognized because testing doesn’t uncover these gifts?  In a Montessori classroom, your child will have opportunities to excel while getting the basic skills necessary for a regular education.  Montessori classrooms have unique, hands-on learning materials that build continuously from preschool through elementary school.  Because learning is a continuum, Montessori classrooms present early concepts of place value, composition, geometry, algebra, and advanced subjects that stimulate a child’s interest and are built upon each successive year.

* Montessori Provides More Than a Traditional Classroom Your child’s early years have vast potential to be so much more than a place to socialize, sing, color, and learn the alphabet and colors. That’s why we can say the Montessori method provides much more than a traditional classroom.  Montessori education lays the foundations for your child’s future learning.  Highly sequential language and math activities build on previous knowledge while expanding a child’s individual progress.  Specifically designed hands-on learning materials help your child learn by doing and seeing and hearing all at the same time.  What better way to stimulate your child’s intellectual growth and development!

* Montessori Honors Each Child’s Unique Development Childhood is a special time. You want a learning environment for your child that takes into account your child’s general development as well as the uniqueness of each child in the classroom. Montessori programs provide uniquely designed activities for your child that encourage a full range of various interests. In every classroom, a specially trained Montessori teacher uses instructional methods, materials, and activities which have been scientifically proven to meet the needs of developing children around the world.

* Montessori Encourages Growing Independence At approximately three years of age, your child is ready to move from the security of your home to an enriched learning environment. Your child still needs the consistency of your parenting and your home, but he or she is ready to discover a larger world. In a specially prepared physical and social Montessori classroom, your child will receive individualized instruction that addresses his or her specific needs and developmental stage. Your child will also experience the joy of discovering new ideas and relationships, participating in and contributing to a larger group, and extending competence and concentration during activities he or she chooses.

* Montessori Reveres the Philosophy “Everything in its Place” Children enjoy exploring in very tactile ways (finger-painting and sandbox play are good examples), but children of this age also love order. This is one reason that Montessori classrooms are extremely organized. As they are learning, young children are constantly classifying objects and experiences. This innate sense to follow a path helps children build logical thinking. For the benefit of your child, a school and a teacher need to be aware of these sensitivities, as well as many other aspects of child development that are often not taught in regular preschool education classes. Montessori teachers spend hours observing children to deeply understand how each age is different and the uniqueness of each child.

* Montessori Maximizes Your Child’s Learning Potential Montessori preschool through elementary is the best choice for your child’s continued learning in order to maximize his or her learning potential.  Your child deserves the best learning experience you can provide. Highly trained Montessori teachers, specific age-appropriate Montessori materials, and a consistent and supportive learning environment will help your child make the most of this important time of childhood.

Prepared by Frank Vincent, Principal, Gilpin Montessori Public School